Thai Massage: Protocol 6

Notes Below Are Unedited. Revision Pending. Extra Notes & Pictures/Videos Pending

Thai massage (Seated) Key: Your body, client’s body.

Step 1. Stretch to sit

Lean Back stretch with feet tucked behind you. Michael Jackson. Fold legs so they are tucked against your shins. Lift up. Stretch. Walk backward so client is in sitting position. Move client into child’s pose and press along back to stretch. Thai hacking. Place bolster under their butt. Lift shoulders to assist to sitting.

Step 2. Koala

Half kneeling behind client. Outside leg goes in front of their kneeArm on thigh. Tilt head toward arm. Stretch. Work opp shoulder with forearm. Thumbing. Forearm. Stretch.

Step 3. Cow face

Arm out in front and then backward until palm on back. Raise arm with outside arm. Pull elbow back with inside arm. Use hip and leg to deepen stretch.

Step 4. FBI

Arm behind back and hold with inside knee. Work around scap with inside hand, moving shoulder with outside hand.

Step 5. Pump

Move to opp side, half kneeling. Inside thigh braces back. Raise target (far) arm as in Cow Face. Inside arm lifts at elbow joint. INSIDE elbow in levator scap. Outside hand pulls toward you. Can MODIFY if flexible.

Repeat on OPP SIDE

Step 6. Lift chin

Center yourself behind client, on both knees. Rest hands under chin and forearms on shoulders. Sit to raise chin and stretch.

Step 7. Neck palming

Nutcracker on neckShoulders to head and return.

Step 8. Flying duck

Stand behind clientClient interlaces fingers behind neck. Curve upper back to grasp triceps. Straighten back to lift and lean back to stretch.

Step 9. Spinal twist

Far hand behind neck, close arm crosses body in front. Half  kneeling at side. Drop outside knee onto client’s knee. Guide far elbow back, but PUSH close shoulderClient will turn away from you.

Repeat on OPP SIDE

Step 10. Kick

Remove bolster from under butt. Pull clients’ arms behind body, making sure to SHRUG SHOULDER to not stress shoulder joint. Sit on butt behind client, close enough that your knees are slightly bent. Clasp each other’s wrists/forearms. Place feet on back, with toes on lower shoulder blades. Straighten legs and lean back to stretch. You may reposition feet lower if there is room and repeat.

Step 11. Toes in the sand

Straighten client into seated position. Put bolster/pillows to cushion knee. Knees bent, place your toes in low back. Pull client back to half reclining against pillow. Scoot forward. Wriggle toes in low back.

Step 12. Face

Scoot back carefully so client can drop into full recline. Use pillow to protect personal.Can straighten legs. Stroke up along front of neck. Out along chin. Out along mustache. Upward half circles on cheekbones. Up along nose. Up center line and out along forehead. Repeat with upward circles.

Step 13. Head points

Massage back of neckBase of skull: center point, half way point, far corners. Ears, even with hair line: front edge, back upper corner, back lower corner. Face: 3rd eye, center between eyebrows, inside edge of eyebrows, inside edge of eyes (on nose), midbrow, tip of eyebrow, above TRAGUS, below TRAGUS, edge of nostrils, center line below nose, center line below lips. Whew! Drawing Pending

Step 14. Shampoo


Step 15. Crown

Help client to seated. Brush energy upwards. Measure center point on top of head from middle of ears. Direct energy while pressing. Breathe.

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