Thai Massage: Protocol 5

Notes Below Are Unedited. Revision Pending. Extra Notes & Pictures/Videos Pending

Thai massage (Side lying) Key: Your body, client’s body.

Step 1. Captain Morgan

Arrange pillow so there is room to roll client. Place bolster where their knee will be. Lift shoulder and hip to roll to side.

Step 2. Foot

Stretch leg to straight. Knee on foot, support ankle if necessary 1-2-1

Step 3. Stretch

Move to knee and take kneeling stance. Upper hand on mid thigh, lower hand on foot. Stretch.

Step 4. Knee-ing

Sit on heels. Use lower knee to work calf. Switch upper knee to work thigh.

Step 5. Stretch

Same as Step 3

Step 6. Calling Captain

Upper hand works hip while lower hand heels bent leg. Pivot to work thigh and lower hip.

Step 7. Forearm Back

Straighten client’s hips. Move bolster so they can hug it for support. Use forearms and palms along back muscles. Thumbs in tightest areas.

Step 8. Shoulder to Shampoo

Cover scap attachments and esp. deltoid with palm and thumbs. Thumbs up neck and shampoo on head.

Step 9. Pec stretch

Half kneeling over torso or behind it. One leg firmly against scap. Rotate arm into a pec stretch. Hold and knead bicep/tricep while stretching. Deepen with leg againstscap.

Step 10. Palm press pec

Ease off stretch but maintain position. Press palm into lateral pecs. 3s, 3s, 10s.

Step 11. Palm press scap

Turn hand and repeat on lateral scap.

Step 12. Spinal twist

Kneeling or Standing Spinal twist. Kneeling: Press elevated hip and shoulder in opp directions. Deepen on exhale. CAREFUL not to burn pec. Standing: Bend knees and grasp one or both forearms. Pull is through arm on ground. Lift with legs, back is STRAIGHT. Deepen with arm strength.

Step 13. Shiva

Lift ankle of bent knee with upper hand. Grasp knee with lower hand. Brace hip with upper knee. Lean back to stretch. Can MODIFY for flexible people.

Step 14. Swing set

Upper knee on floor, lower knee bent. Put client’s closest leg over your knee, then their farthest. Press near ankles to lift hips off ground and swing back and forth. Resettleclient.

Repeat opp side

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