Thai Massage: Protocol 4

Notes Below Are Unedited. Revision Pending. Extra Notes & Pictures/Videos Pending

Thai massage (Supine, abdomen) Key: Your body, client’s body.


Step 1. Wave

Lay client flat and raise knees to loosen ABD. Sit at side and use body to loosen with wave motion. Work with breath. Work entire region at least twice.

Step 2. Palm 1-13

Palm Press on “Clock.”

Step 3. Ice Cream Scoop

Starting at ribs, use blades of hands to scoop down. Cover entire ABD

Step 4. Sternum Palm

Work with exhale and press+traction

Step 5. Finger circles

Cover entire sternum with 3 slow circles

Step 6. Shoulder-Pec

Pull up on shoulders, press down on pecs. Hold for 3s, but 10s on third rep. Forearm?

Step 7. Arm stretching

Stretch from hand to shoulder

Step 8. Palming

Hold hand and push from arm bone DOWN, pull on tricep. Then forearm front and back. Return.

Step 9. Stretching 

Like Step 7

Step 10. Hand

Many options: Interlace fingers, spread hand and work along bones of hand. Pressure point on wrist and center of palm. Circles and spreading on dorsal side. Work in between bones and repeat for web. Work LI-4. Massage all sides of fingers –>snap. Wrist ROM. Stretch finger flexors. Fish flop. Compression. Sandwich+stretch. Love.

Repeat other side.

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