Thai Massage: Protocol 3

Notes Below Are Unedited. Revision Pending. Extra Notes & Pictures/Videos Pending

Thai massage (Supine, stretching) Key: Your body, client’s body.

Step 1. Plow 

Stretch client’s legs using body weight. Lift knees and Michael Jackson. Partial lift and begin Plow. Return, then Plow again, adjusting for flexibility.

Step 2. Sawadee

Stretch legs and Michael Jackson. Happy Baby. Step through and put soles of feettogether with your own knees pulled together. 3x towards top of head. 3x towards nose.

Step 3. Bridge

Stretch legs and Michael Jackson. Deep Michael Jackson until you feel resistance. Bend at waist and pick up knees. As you drop into Chair Pose, client should spring up into Bridge.

Step 4. Secretary 

Stretch legs and Michael Jackson. Straighten legs. Cross Right leg over Left thigh and push forward against straight leg as you stretch calf. Repeat for opp side.

Step 5. Flamenco

Stretch legs and Michael Jackson only if you skipped Secretary. Straighten legs. CrossRight ankle over Left knee. Step over knee and hold in place. Push straight leg forward as you stretch calf. Repeat for opp side.

Step 6. Pick up

Stretch legs and Michael Jackson. Straighten legs partially to rest on your thigh or forearms. Bend your KNEES not BACK. Have client hold your forearm and tuck chin to chest. Otherwise RELAX. Straighten LEGS, keep BACK STRAIGHT. Bend elbows to deepen. Bend knees to deepen further.

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