Thai Massage: Protocol 2

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The second protocol has the client still in supine, follows Protocol 1, and continues focusing on the lower body. Remember, in Thai culture, the head is the most sacred part of the body, so we start from the feet and work our way up. The key is not only the client’s body, but your body as well. Maintain good body mechanics and wholesome intentions!

Step 1. Hip Tornado

Move to the client’s left knee side. Take a half kneeling pose with your left leg forward, and pivot to face client’s head. Lift the client’s knee with your inside hand, and give a glute stretch by bringing the client’s knee towards their head. Slip your forearm under the client’s knee, and give three inside circles for Range-of-Motion (RoM). Then, give three outside circles. Finish the last one by circling foot to opposite knee, landing them into tree pose.

Step 2. Tree Pose

PP along the bent calf and thigh (also known as Elephant Walking). With your fingers pointing in opposite directions and your thumbs tucked in (imagine a butterfly with no head), PP along the client’s bent thigh, going lower thigh to upper thigh, and back again.

Step 3. Sit Bone

Flex client’s hip. Then, place the ball of your outside foot just above the client’s sit bone. As you straighten your leg, press your heel into the client’s thigh. Lean back to stretch.

Step 4. Calf

Rotate the client’s hip back neutral, with their foot on the floor in line with their opposite knee. Sit or kneel at/on the client’s foot. Following an imaginary center line on back of calf, use your body weight to pull calf muscles, similar to the “Cup Twist” from Protocol 1.

Step 5. Thigh

Scoot the client’s heel close to their butt. Hip stretch by pulling the client’s thigh away from their hips, starting just above their knee. Perform 3 times, and move closer to the hip each time. Then, lean into their knee, and “Nutcracker” along their thigh, following knee to hip, then returning to where you started. Finish with tapotement.

Step 6. Hip Hop

Position yourself to half kneeling, and move one hand length away from client’s foot, level with their knee. Bring the client’s knee to their chest, then strongly cross their knee over their body in an inside circle, and gently lower their foot against your knee. Pivot yourself and roll their outer thigh with your forearm, going from their knee to hip to knee. Massage their calf and perform Thai hacking on their thigh.

Step 7. Splits

Rotate the client’s hip back to neutral, and bring their knee to their chest. While there, grasp their ankle and their calf to stretch, Using your bodyweight as leverage. Circle their leg into a side split, being careful to watch their opposite foot and to support their knee with your lower hand. Elephant Walk their leg with your upper hand, while deepening the split as you press.

Step 8. Knee To Chest 

From the split, bend the client’s knee and place their foot in your hip bone. Watch out for personal space! Shift yourself so the client’s hip is in neutral. Stretch by moving their knee to their chest, with both your hands on their hamstring.

Step 9. Knee To Armpit

Rotate the client through their full RoM, and place their leg to ”Frog Leg”. Support their knee with your outside hand, and palm into their hamstring with your inside hand. Finish with a stretch.

Step 10. Knee To Opposite Armpit

Rotate the client through their full ROM until their knee is pointed to their opposite shoulder. Use your inside hand to support their knee, and place your outside palm on their hamstring. Finish with a stretch.

Step 11. “Hai Ya!”

Your outside hand pushes their thigh into their torso, and your inside hand pushes their heel towards their head for a hamstring stretch.

Step 12. Teapot

Switch yourself to kneeling and place their foot on your thigh. Grasp their heel and use your forearm to stretch their calf. You can brace their knee, but DO NOT press.

Step 13. Spinal Twist

Rotate the client’s hip so their foot is against their knee. Now they’re in tree pose. Cross to opposite side. Your lower foot braces their calf, and your upper knee at their hip. Pull their opposite arm up in 1-2-3, and with both hands on their shoulder and sit yourself back to twist. Your upper hand stays on their shoulder. 1-2-3-2-1 along their back. 1 is shoulder with your lower hand. 2 is mid-back with your lower hand. 3 is low-back with your lower hand.

Repeat all steps on Right Leg!

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